Published on 14-02-17

“EL OJO CRÍTICO 2016” Award, given by Radio Nacional de España for Daniel Doña.
This dancer and choreographer from Granada is considered as one of the top exponents of the current Spanish Dance, going beyond the formal bounderies in creation and gathering in his pieces the core of different artistic expressions. He comfortably moves among a reniewed Spanish Dance, Flamenco and Contemporary Dance, transiting inside an artistic field with no straitjackets or limits. And not only from the creative point of view he presents that fondness towards researching and investigation, but leading his own dance company from 2004, Daniel Doña Compañía de Danza, always characterized by his interested in education and seduction of new audiences, he has combined the creation of more theatrical shows with an approach to less conventional spaces since his beginning, imprinting in all his work an own language based on a dialogue between tradition and the avant-garde: Estación Seca (2004), Haz Conmigo lo que Quieras (2008), A Pie (2013), A Pie de Calle (2014), Black Box (2014), No Pausa (2015), Inestable (2015), Nada Personal (2016), Hábitat (2016).

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