Daniel Doña (Granada 1977)

Daniel Doña is one of the most prominent dancers and choreographers representing current Spanish dance scene. His work goes beyond formal boundaries capturing the essence of diverse styles and references. He comfortably moves between renewed Spanish dance, flamenco and contemporary dance, not confining to any given framework. Having led his own company since 2013, Daniel Doña goes on to attract new audiences with shows that fuse tradition with innovation: Estación Seca (2004), Haz Conmigo lo que Quieras (2008), A Pie (2013), A Pie de Calle (2014), Black Box (2014), No Pausa (2015), Inestable (2015), Nada Personal (2016), Hábitat (2016), Cuerpo a Cuerpo (2017), Psique (2018) and Campo Cerrado (2019).

MAX Award for Best Male Dancer 2019, “Ojo Crítico 2016” Award, given by Radio Nacional de España // Meritourious Honor “HEBE” Award of Performing Arts 2016 and MAX Award for Best choreography 2009.

Trained at the Dance Conservatory of Madrid, specialising in choreography and interpretation technique in Spanish dance, he was part of Spanish National Ballet and protagonised several works by relevant companies like Antonio Márquez, Rafaela Carrasco, Teresa Nieto, Rojas y Rodríquez among others. Since 2002 he has been very active as a dancer and choreographer collaborating with artists like Olga Pericet, Manuel Liñán, Marco Flores, Rafaela Carrasco or Teresa Nieto: ESS3 Movimiento(2003), Cámara Negra(2004), Chanta la mui(2006), Del amor y otras cosas(2007), Complot(2008),En sus 13(2009), Recital(2010), REW(2011), Polos Opuestos(2012). He has been guest choreographer with companies like Miguel Angel Berna, Ibérica de Danza, National Ballet of Cuba, Rojas y Rodríguez, Rafaela Carrasco and Teresa Nieto, and invited choreographer at workshops in Professional Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, Maremma, Professional Conservatory of Dance in Granada, Reina Sofía, as part of FEX Music and Dance Festival in Granada.

As dancer, his career spans performances on stages like Ópera de Paris, Teatro Clásico in Merida, Palau de la Música in Barcelona, Opera House in Sidney, Mella Theatre of La Habana, Palacio de Congresos in Madrid, among others.

As director and choreographer, his works have been programmed in festivals and venues like Dansa Valencia, Festival de Jerez, Festival de Otoño, Mercat de les Flors, International Festival Madrid en Danza, Dansat, Tanzaus in Dusseldorf, Festival Iberoamericano in Bogotá, Biennalle de Flamenco in Sevilla, MASDANZA Contemporary Dance Festival, among others.

He is Founder and Co-Director of Certamen Coreográficoin Tetuan Madrid, alongside Teresa Nieto. In 2015, he joined the Academy of Performing Arts in Spain and since 2017 he has been regular collaborator with Olga Baeza on a radio programme dedicated to flamenco called A Compáson national broadcaster Radio Nacional Española.

His work as choreographer and performer   has been recognized with numerous awards:

  • Award “EL OJO CRÍTICO de RNE 2016” in its modality for DANCE.
  • Award Meritorius Honor “HEBE” For Performing Arts 2016 .
  • MAX Award for Performing Arts to Best Choreography for the piece “De Cabeza”.
  • Award “Hugo Boss” to young talents in Performing Arts.
  • Award to Outstanding Dancer at  XI Certamen Coreográfico de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid.
  • Award to Best Choreography at X Certamen Coreográfico de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid for the piece “Tango para un Loco” (2001).
  • 3 Awards at XVIII Certamen de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid, Teatros del Canal, for “Intermintente” (2009)
  • Finalist in MAX Award for Performing Arts to Best Male Dancer for the show “En sus 13” (2010)
  • Finalist in LORCA Award 2016 as Best Male Dancer.
  • Finalista MAX Award for Performing Arts to Best Choreography, along with Manuel Liñán for the show “REW” (2013).
  • Candidate to MAX Award (Best Dance Production, Best Choreography, Best Male Dancer and Best Musical Composition) for the show “A PIE” (2014)
  • Candidate to MAX Award (Best Dance Production, Best Choreography, Best Male Dancer and Best Musical Composition) for the show “NO PAUSA” (2016).