Original concept and choreography
Cristian Martín

Stage Direction
Daniel Doña

Lighting design
Olga García (A.A.I)

Original music and Sound space creation
Héctor González

Juan Debel

Stage design
Davinia Fillol

Cristian Martín


Cristian Martín

Premiere May 29th, 2015 | Auditorio del Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo - Madrid.

In his eagerness to investigate and look for new concepts and languages in the field of Spanish Dance, the young dancer and choreographer Cristian Martín puts himself under the stage direction of Daniel Doña in his first medium-scale show M A T E R I A, a work that was selected to participate in the cycle “Journey to the Centre of Dance” within the programming of the Channel Theatres.


This piece received the First Solo Choreography Award at the XXIV Spanish and Flamenco Dance Choreography Contest in Madrid.


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