Stage Direction & choreographic orientation
Daniel Doña

Original concept and choreography
Cristian Martín

Lighting design
Álvaro Estrada (A.a.i)

Original music & Sound space creation
Pablo Martín Jones

Sound technician
Kike Calvo

Stage design
Daniel Doña

Graphic design and photography

Filming and editing
Beatrix Molnar

Custome workshop
Gabriel Besa

Cristian Martín

Executive production
Carolina Pozuelo

Cristian Martín

Premiere July 7th, 2018 | Centro Cultural Paco Rabal - Madrid

_“… I have entered, I have breathed and I have soaked myself in the creative imagination of a S E R (B E I N G)like Cristian Martín, pure, free, talented and rigorous in equal measure, to help him transform his genius into a tribute, into a duel, into a festival. It’s one of those opportunities that life presents you with to make peace with it”.

Daniel Doña

S E R, got two nominations at the Max Awards for the Performing Arts as Best Revelation Show and Best Male Dance Performer.

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