CARTEL - Criatura 3

Original concept, choreography and Stage Direction
Daniel Doña

Commissioned by
Conservatorio Profesional de Danza “Reina Sofía”

Lighting design
Almudena Oneto

Costume design
Jessica Castillo y Daniel Doña

Support teachers
Antonio González
Jessica Castillo
Tania Ambrosio



CPD Reina Sofía. - ENG

Premiere 2 July | Teatro Alhambra de Granada.

Professional Dance Conservatory “Reina Sofía” with the Granadan choreographer Daniel Doña within the framework of the FEX – Extension of the Granada Music and Dance Festival. For this choreographic commission, Daniel Doña explicitly reflects on the vulnerability and fragility that Spanish dance is currently experiencing: it is an act of existential survival for an art that needs to be taken care of, supported, protected and defended as if it were a creature.

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